Want an event that your guests won’t forget?

Want an event that your guests won’t forget? Keep your party hot with cold sparklers to take

your wedding, birthday party, or corporate event to the next level! Cold sparklers will amaze your

guests with simulated pyrotechnics that shoot sparks up to fifteen feet in the air, creating that

extra dazzle for your once-in-a-lifetime party!

Ideal for the wedding party entrance, the first dance and a next level sparkler sendoff. Cold

Sparklers will enhance your event with a wow factor that is affordable, safe, and looks just like

real fireworks!

Cold Sparklers can be arranged in a variety of ways to enrich your event. They can be set up in

an array of configurations and heights and will work to create a spectacular show at any eventweddings,

birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, and more.

Safe and heat-free, cold sparklers work by heating up small grains of a mixture of metals that

are contained in pre-measured pouches. This material produces a cold spark effect that heats to

approximately 62 degrees Fahrenheit. The sparks are cool to the touch and do not contain any

combustible materials. There is also very little smoke and odor associated with cold sparklers,

making them ideal for indoor use.

Give Triad Party DJ’s a call today to find out more about incorporating Cold Sparklers into your

next level event!